tiistai 26. huhtikuuta 2016

Gallery: CROWD Poetry Jam (Apr 5) by Más Tenaz

The essential DJ Marc Fred

Kasper Salonen donned his battle gear in honor of CROWD

Elina Tervonen and Ville Hämäläinen from Nuoren Voiman Liitto...

... talkin' real talk about the CROWD network.

Max Höfler (slave, right) and his master

How many pop culture references did you spot?

Then it was time for lessons, with the esteemed Tom Bresemann

"Next slide plz!"

Next up...

The lovely Lily Michaelides introduces her video instalment

The revolutionary with golden locks, Lasse Hauerwaas

Yup that's him

Anna-Sofia and Juho represented Tilhet, pajut ja muut

and it was




Papa Zai givin' you the eye...

Papa Zai havin' a good time!

Jolly MC

The open mic was full of amazing talent. What else is new?