sunnuntai 5. kesäkuuta 2016

Gallery: Tanssiva karhu Poetry Jam (May 19) by Paul Mattsson

Co-host Kasper surveys the situation prior to Yle's taping.

And we're off!

Thespian reciting a (perhaps literally) winning poem.

Pietari Kylmälä, Yle. Doing what he does best.

Saila Susiluoto speaks as a Dancing Bear a.k.a. Aleksis Salusjärvi looks on.

Anja Erämaja and a Perplexed Bear.

Haha! Bear with me.

Virpi Vairinen bears her soul.

Susinukke Kosola, a wolf and a bear.

Real tymez with Kristian Blomberg and Pietari.

An audience-portion listens as the Tanssiva karhu jury ponders their hard choices to come.

Kasper Salonen ended the taping by reciting a poem he wrote for one of the HPC's crowdfunders.
DJ Harri Hertell delivered a legendary spin set!

"It's a wrap!"

Then it was time for rap à la ALAMAA...


... and ANNIINA.

Beibi P & Mikko Sarvanne Hip Company blast off!

Magic Mikko.

Jussi "Beibi P" Pelkonen <3




The open mic was a massive success once more.

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